Having received the 45h lesson of tutoring from Anastasia we can with confidence say that she is a passionate teacher who inspires us on every class to become better. She tailors the classes to our needs, level and interests which matches the pace of our progress. Anastasia’s teaching methods are very interactive and well rounded as well as adjusted to the student’s different learning strategies. She is very experienced and professional in delivering tutorials while being flexible and understanding. Moreover, the classes have friendly and easy going atmosphere. We are both learning Russian language to enhance our professional profile and to be able to use it in our work. We are surprised with the progress we have made so far in such a short time. During classes we cover new topics and grammar and that coupled with Anastassia’s clear guidance enables us to study at home by using the materials she provides us with. We would warmly recommend Anastassia to anyone who would like to learn Russian!

Aleksandra Czech and Sanna Tukiainen


I first learnt some Russian when I took a GCSE course many years ago, but when I retired I wanted to come back to the language and become more proficient in it. For me, learning Russian combines my enjoyment of acquiring new languages with a deep interest in Russian life and especially culture. Anastassia’s tuition meets my needs extremely well. She is well organised, maintains a good pace that suits my own progress, and provides a constant stream of material for us to work through. The material is interesting, challenging, and is well-suited to an adult audience. Anastassia’s style is very enthusiastic and focused, which makes the sessions both hard work and enjoyable. As well as learning more of the Russian language, I feel that I am getting a deeper insight into the world of Russia and its people. I would certainly recommend Anastassia’s tutoring to anyone who would appreciate a thorough and holistic approach to the study of Russia’s language and its culture.

Paul Middleton


I have been fascinated by Russia since reading “Doctor Zhivago” as a teenager (I am now 71). Whilst living in Oxford I began visiting Perm, Oxford’s twin city, in 2014. I had some Russian lessons in Oxford and decided to find a tutor on my return to Yorkshire.  I am about to visit Perm and Moscow again for the sixth visit  and remain enthralled by Russian literature and culture.  As I began Russian at a late age, I am a slow learner but I find my lessons with Anastassia both enjoyable and fruitful.  I am severely visually impaired and Anastassia has adapted her teaching to my sight impairment.  This I have found really helpful and it means the lessons are tailor made to my needs. Anastassia is a most engaging, skilful, professional and approachable teacher, with great good humour.

Susan Clarkson


Беру у Анастасии уроки русского для двух своих сыновей, 7 и 8 лет. Полгода назад у детей был лишь разговорный уровень русского, ни писать, ни читать на русском не могли, да и говорили с ошибками. Спустя полгода, дети уже могут читать небольшими предложениями, словарный запас значительно увеличился. Занятия весьма индивидуализированные, например, для моих детей (так как возраст у них ещё младшей школы), они по большей части проходят в игровой форме, поэтому дети любят ходить на уроки. Помимо занятий на уроках, Анна даёт нам домашние задания, которые помогают закреплять пройденный на уроке материал. Я бы рекомендовала Анну как репетитора по русскому языку, так как квалифицированного учителя видно по результатам его учеников, а у своих детей я вижу большой прогресс.

Елизавета Резанова


I came to Anastassia as almost a complete beginner. I could not have asked for a more welcoming, patient and intelligent tutor. Our lessons are always engaging and informative, using a variety of textbooks and exercises. I was surprised at the speed of my progress, which left me feeling much more confident before my first trip to Russia, and this is all down to the quality of teaching! My own passion for Russian history and culture has been encouraged and has continued to grow under the tutelage of Anastassia. I am incredibly thankful to her for everything I have learned!

Sam Linley

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